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Skinzo was officially launched in 2019 in the United Kingdom (UK) with a vision to create a global platform for like-minded professionals through which ideas, skills, collaboration will be cross pollinated beyond borders. The end objective is to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders in all walks of life through learning and sharing. The mentors at this platform will assume a dual responsibility of inspiring and building capacities of the next generation through their valuable time and efforts. The platform will harness sustainable connectivity around these themes.


The platform is divided into two main verticals as follows:

Clinical Work

Our slogan “Skin Is Confidence” is the guiding principle. We focus on skin health to encourage graceful ageing with a confident mind. Under this vertical, the platform offers the following services:


  • Aesthetics and Cosmetic Dermatology Clinics in Lancaster (UK), Blackpool (UK) and Manchester (UK), wilth planned entry into Pakistan in 2021/2022 onwards


  • Teaching, training and skin education round the year through in-person and digital meets.

Skinzo Sports

Skinzo Sports is an athlete’s platform where we focus on areas of discussion related to belief, mindfulness, confidence, athlete’s wellbeing and leadership. This is accessible anywhere in the world.

Skinzo Squash has been launched in collaboration with former British World champion Laura Massaro MBE in 2020.

Can in Cancer

CAN in Cancer is a global cancer project in collaboration with CEO of Chris’s Cancer Community and award-winning writer Chris Lewis from UK. This much needed platform is to bridge the gap between HCPs (health care professionals) and non-HCPs by improving communication, dialogue and understanding of our health care system whilst focusing on how these two sectors can work better on common grounds.

Skinzo Kids Club

Skinzo Kids Club is established in collaboration with sports psychologist and elite squash coach Danny Massaro who is also the writer of famous book “The Winning Parent” focusing on kids’ wellbeing, importance of exercise and sports at early stages of life. The Parenting Club associated with it also helps improve communication with kids at all levels.

Professionals Club

Professionals Club is a place for professionals from across the world who are firm believers in the cycle of positive change. This provides a social platform to connect with like-minded positive leaders. This also enables them to share personal and or professional experiences.

Skinzo Blog

Skinzo Blog is not just any blog space. It is specially designed for professionals from all walks of life to express themselves by covering a wide range of topics. The connection are the stories highlighting a journey of discovery and self confidence in various settings. These would mainly be covering inspirational, motivational and real experiences that lead to cycle of positive change at personal and professional levels.

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